Our Operations

Our Operations

Corporate Guards, the leading security company in the sub region of West Africa is a Nigeria company fully registered, also insured and bonded in the United States of America.


Our operations in Nigeria span the spectrum of private security services that include but not limited to guard and dog handling services, the provision of bodyguards and VIP protection services. We also provide Emergency Rescue Services among others.

Basic Procedure

Our experiences over the past twenty three years have led to the development of operating procedures that ensure our ability to provide security services of an international standard, that however takes account of the peculiarities of our local circumstances.


We have established an office in the United State of America that handles the international aspects of our services. Our office, formerly at The World Trade Centre has been relocated.

Although our office is located in New York, it has a globalize framework. The services provided from this office are specially tailored to the perceived requirements of persons/organizations that are either entering into relationships or have already entered into relationships that involve Nigeria. These services include but are not limited to:

Conducting Background Checks on Individual and Corporate Bodies. This is professionally known as DUE DILIGENCE.

We are able to use extensive knowledge of and network of contacts in Nigeria to obtain information on Nigeria individuals and corporate bodies, which information can be used to take an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with a transaction/relationship. We are also able to assist Nigerian companies/individuals in carrying out background checks on foreign-based companies and individuals.

VIP Protection

Very Important People are why we established. We are well vasted with technological advancement, skilled body guards and valuable information to keep our VIPs safe

Property Protection

Our clients have invested a lot in their assets and their safety is as important as the existence of their business, at Corporate Guards we take care of our clients' properties like its ours