Intelligence support

The diversity of Corporate Guards Ltd ensures that we have the capability to provide a varied range of electronic, photographic, and human intelligence. We have the expertise in place to ensure that the intelligence is confidentially gathered and professionally analyzed.
Female Security


This department consists of a team of Patrol Officers, headed by a Captain, and monitors the activities of the field Officers via the following methods:
  • 1. Daily visits to each location by the Patrol Officers, backed up by a weekly visit to the locations by the Head of Operations..
  • 2. Ensuring that every person appointed as the officer-in-charge of a location (i.e. the location Officer) is a seasoned member of Staff who is conversant with the norms and traditions of our Company.
  • Maintaining twenty-four (24) hours Radio Service, which receives situation reports on a bi-hourly basis from each location and conducts on-air roll-call procedures that monitor the attendance and punctuality of the guards.
  • Initiating follow-up processes where any location fails to respond to a radio call, which process include dispatching Patrol cars to such locations.
  • 5. Responding to distress calls from any location which response may include but is not limited to the dispatch of CG Emergency Rescue Squad (CGERS).


We operate a radio communication system to facilitate effective security network between locations and our Operations Headquarters. Our radio bases monitor all locations via the radio communications.