Our Gadgets

Our Gadgets

Guard-1 System
LMR 2-way Radios
Body Counter
Surveillance System
The Cgers/Combivox
Metal Detectors


We operate a radio communication system to facilitate effective security network between locations and our Operations Department at the Headquarters (Victoria Island) and Training Academy. We advise that our clients subscribe to the acquisition of two handheld radios for communication link, one for the client’s use and the other for the location’s usage.

This link would enable the guards make frequent situational reports on the location to the Headquarters for appropriate action.  In addition, since the patrol team can simultaneously monitor the communication, quick intervention is ensured in case of any “Distress Call”

We always recommend that the Principal or his representative carry one of such radio handsets while one of our Security Officers on ground who is usually the Supervisor operates another.   This is for the operational reports and that of the Principal is to monitor our communication network especially those that concern his location.   He also could use the handset to get in touch with us if he has any operational message to pass across, or an emergency.

We already have a base station at our Headquarters to serve Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikoyi, Lagos Island and the environs.  Another base station is at the Ikeja to serve the Mainland. Also at Marina is another base station. Yet we have propensity for establishment of a network in regions outside Lagos.

VIP Protection

Very Important People are why we established. We are well vasted with technological advancement, skilled body guards and valuable information to keep our VIPs safe

Property Protection

Our clients have invested a lot in their assets and their safety is as important as the existence of their business, at Corporate Guards we take care of our clients' properties like its ours